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Remember the amazement you felt when you watched the magician at the Spur pull a coin from your ear? Remember the feeling of astonishment when you saw your first magic trick? You’re beginning to only scratch the surface of the wonder you’ll feel when you watch Greg Gelb perform. Greg is here to make what you thought were dreams become reality.


“Our day to day is so full of stress and routine and we all need time to go back to those warm, carefree memories of childhood wonder. Let reality takes a back seat for a moment, as we laugh and let go.”


Greg has been wowing people with his magic and humour since he was 9 years old. Born and bred in the heart of Cape Town, Greg taught himself the craft entirely, reading books cover to cover that he found in his school library and practising on whoever would stop and give him their attention. He has come a long way since then, and his one aim is not just to entertain you, but to take you on a mystical journey with him.

With a personality that is funny and warm, Greg has a unique sense of humour blended smoothly with magical talent making for a great stage presence, and he will do more than just entertain you. He will inspire, make you laugh (perhaps until you cry a little) and leave you with a little nugget to think about after every show.


A veteran of the Cape Town Fringe and Grahamstown National Arts festivals (Blurred Lines 2016, Refocused 2017), a headline performer at the Cape Town Magic Club and his involvement in Magic.Africa, he has performed locally and internationally. He has launched products, entertained staff in corporate functions, friends and family at private events, and made you all laugh in local restaurants. He’s here to stay, he’s here to entertain, and most of all he’s here to take your event to the next level.

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