private parties

Close up Intimate Magic

Greg performs top quality magic up close right under your guests’ noses where there is no room for error and the magic is performed using pure sleight of hand. Performed while mingling in a cocktail setting, weaving his way into small groups, this type is especially effective at cocktail/dinner parties bringing people together.


He'll entertain and leave everyone laughing, in awe and having experienced a moment that no other group will get, because each group Greg performs for will experience the magic in a unique way. What better way to get everyone at your party relaxed and giving guests a common experience to share and discuss afterwards.

stage performance

This option is best suited for when you wish for your guests to experience magic together as a group, from as little as 15 to as many as 200 people. The magic performed is of a high-quality, and the effects are easily seen from the front and back row of seats.


Greg's shows are interactive and he makes sure that everyone who helps him, not only feels a part of the show but they also walk away with a sweet surprise as a token of appreciation. This show is 45 minutes in length and is customisable to suit your schedule. A combination of stage and walk around magic is also available, the perfect entertainment package for your private party.


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