corporate events

Walk around

When your guests are waiting for your event to begin, Greg will be making his way to the groups, performing pieces of magic right under their noses.


This type of magic is best used to break the ice, during cocktails and drinks, and allows for the hosts to make sure the main event is set up with the calmness that Greg is keeping them occupied!

stage performance

Greg puts on a stage show for you and your guests to enjoy together. This show can be tailored to suit your needs, use specific items or people and can be performed for as few as 15 people, and as many as 200. Greg’s show is full of hard-hitting magic mixed with his comedic personality and style. Your guests are going to love it!

His 2 one-man shows, Refocused and Blurred Lines, have seen sold out audiences at the Cape Town Fringe and National Arts Festivals. Either of these shows, full of magic and meaning, are also on offer.

master of ceremonies

Often organising an event can be challenging and stressful, but the running of it doesn't need to be. Let Greg host your event with his witty comedic outlook on life infused with magic and laughter.

Greg specialises in audience interaction, and guests will be entertained with pieces of magic throughout the event. They'll be engaged, refreshed and focused. Greg is comfortable with a microphone and comfortable on stage from headlining and hosting the Cape Town Magic Club shows.


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If you're interested to hear more about how Greg can make your event unforgettable, or even if you just want to say hi, get in touch using the form below.

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